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The Sherpa Update

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This is the final newsletter for 2023 and therefore acts as a bit of a year in review. Thanks for reading, hopefully it’s been of value.


Family Office Technology – it’s fitting that the final newsletter includes this discussion paper I have co-written on Asian Family Office technology. It’s been a journey to get this finished, lots of moving parts and a lot of hard work alongside my co-author Peter Golovsky. Can I ask for one thing – if you read it on LinkedIn and find it of value, click the like button or make a comment as it improves distribution.


APAC Family Offices – Raffles and Campden Wealth have produced a report on APAC Family Offices. Surprise, surprise – “wealth aggregation platforms, which offer a comprehensive overview of an organization’s financial position by consolidating data from multiple banks and investment managers, are relatively recent additions to the family office toolkit. Currently, the adoption rate is relatively low, but it is anticipated to increase rapidly, as 30 percent of family offices express a desire to leverage these platforms.


This is a great end of year report – it provides data on costs, staffing etc as well as the investment trends.


Investment Beliefs – I was invited to speak at The Investment Committee conference last week, on a panel alongside Adam Walk and Michael Matthews. We spoke on the importance of developing and maintaining a set of investment beliefs when advising clients. This paper from Drew, Walk and Co provides some excellent guidance for those interested. The investment beliefs section starts on page 16. 


Investment Values - the values of a family can often manifest itself via the Investment Policy Statement (IPS). With increased complexity of investments and use of outsourced advisors, the need for monitoring and managing potential misalignment is a major operational focus for our clients. We have written an article on this topic, complete with action points for families.


Jan Voss – if you’re not following him on LinkedIn, and if you have an interest in private market investments, you should start. As an example, his highlighting of Michael Dell’s recent private equity windfall was something that I’d missed.


And for my education, the series on PE maths was very helpful. 


Australian Family Offices – Simple has provided an overview of the Australian family office market in this review.  It’s a start.


End of Year-Round-Up:


·       Best new podcast – Prof G (not everyone’s cup of tea but I really like the weekly market updates)

·       Best book read (well, listen) – tie between “Unreasonable Hospitality” and “Good to Great”.

·       My most clicked article - How Reporting Platforms Price - A cheat sheet for family offices.

·       Most clicked external article – all the job links.

·       Newsletter – 90% increase in subscribers from 2022.  Open rate remains at a very healthy 60% (as much as I can track).


See you next year. Take care. Take a break.





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