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Newsletter Sponsorship

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If you would like to sponsor the Sherpa Newsletter, please reach out for a discussion.

High-level overview:


  • Must fit within the Sherpa thematic of family office investment education and information.

  • No editorial control over link introduction but happy to provide before sending out to make sure you’re happy with context.

  • Link will be noted as “sponsored link” in the newsletter, placement order at my discretion (will show you before I send it out).


Tier 1

Link to your choice of content via the Sherpa fortnightly newsletter.

$2,500 + Tax per link

Tier 2

as left PLUS assistance in producing/editing the content and providing ideas on what resonates most (including specific click numbers for previous links).

$5,000 + Tax per link

Newsletter Facts

  1. Big enough – around 1700 subscribers as at 20th June 2024, growing at 50ish a month.

  2. Very engaged audience – consistently tracks around 40% open rate (despite difficultly in tracking), almost 50% click-through.

  3. Very high level of true to label family office readers

  4. Geographically – about 60% Australia, 20% US and the rest APAC/EMEA

  5. Growing steadily to the right demographic.


Email Us

Thank you for your submission

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