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10 Family Office Principles - From the Desk of a G3 Family Office CEO.

Michael Faber recently sent me something that should resonate with a lot of family offices - a core set of principles. This is not a theoretical or “thought leadership” set of ideals, these are set for this specific billion dollar plus office.


Whilst no family is identical, the list below can be a nice guide or at least conversation starter.


Our Core Family Principles

1. Wealth is a blessing and should not be a burden on family members.

2. We (and each generation) are stewards to preserve wealth for future generations of our family.

3. Our family will be stronger by working together, investing together, and spending time together.

4. Every member of the family should receive and manage their own “safety net” of wealth.

5. Our family prioritizes home, education, travel and health and our wealth is available as needed.

6. Our family supports reasonable, not excessive, consumption.

7. Our family encourages family and individual acts of philanthropy.

8. Our family encourages every member of the family to achieve their best and happiest purpose.

9. We must communicate openly, honestly, and freely to build strong bonds within the family.

10. Professional management of our family wealth has the highest probability of success.


You can contact Michael on below:


Michael Faber

NextPoint SFO




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