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Family Office Podcasts - Philanthropy and VC (Dentons)

Family Office Venture and Philanthropy. A great podcast interview by Edward Marshall on the Dentons family office podcast, this time with William Akridge.

Will has a history of education with his focus now on ESG/Philanthropy and Venture component of the family office investments.

He mentions that their is no specific ESG mandate which is typical of my experience with Family Offices, and that they " believe you can make good returns whilst still doing good. "

Will also looks at the early stage investments, an investing style he describes as opportunistic and generalists and always looking for entrepreneurs that they like and trust..

They are not big fund investors and use a venture partner model as they don't have all the internal skill sets (outside real estate tech). A common method in the space - recognise the opportunity and then look for a a non biased third party that they could bring in to provide deeper analysis. As you would hope to happen to offices that invest directly, they had fun and learnt a lot.

He started their own venture company that concentres on Biotech to aggregate money from other families looking to do social good.

They cover the very unique experience of investing other family money and how that differs from just managing your own. This is especially true in the more hit and miss venture asset class and Will notes the increased fiduciary, due diligence process and the need for accurate reporting for outside investors..

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