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Family Office Sherpa Podcast Series: Episode 4 - Understanding and Selecting External Advisers.

I have produced a five part education series on how to structure the investment office. This fourth episode covers external advisers.

I cover:

  • What kind of adviser is Hall Road

  • What is the challenge we are trying to solve for – often families pick a wealth management partner that are referred, not selected for the right purpose.

  • Horses for courses - understand the different models.

  • One off/complex advice vs ongoing relationships

  • Align with needs – eg broker/transaction style to more goal oriented with a next generation education component.

  • We wanted IP transfer – lots of family offices don’t take advantage of their counterparty's depth.

  • Selection process - RFP or similar, make sure you put the effort in now to save switching headaches.

  • Get referrals – but don't make this your only selection method.

I also cover the trends in this sector:

  • Moving away from transactional advice (stockbroking)

  • Increased use of private markets which adds some complexity

  • Taking on reporting as a service

  • OCIO and OCFO

  • Going direct to managers and using advisers for dd and more complex research

  • Next gen education

  • Impact and ESG

This is a new platform for me, hopefully it works as a way of delivering information for those families and advisers seeking practical insight. They're short (30 minutes tops).


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“Hall Road Investments Pty Ltd is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR No. 001279456) of Non Correlated Capital Pty Ltd (AFSL No. 499882). Shaun Parkin is an Authorised Representative (AR No 001279458) of Hall Road Investments Pty Ltd (CAR No. 001279456) and is authorised to provide general advice to wholesale investors”


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